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I Went From Poverty To Wealth By Ignoring Almost Everything Taught In The So-Called "Success" Books".  May I Show You How I Did It?
If you're like I was, you've spent years and thousands of dollars trying to figure out how to "get ahead" by setting goals, writing affirmations and "visualizing"....and you're winding up with more frustration than results.

In this free special report, I'll show you how I went from broke, struggling bookstore clerk to millionaire after discovering something that I'd never learned before.
Tony Rush
I had shelves full of "how to be successful" books.  
I'd read Think and Grow Rich until the cover was falling off.  
I could practically recite portions of "The Science of Getting Rich".  

And yet I still couldn't get ahead.

When I asked why the "law of attraction" didn't work for some people, I got the usual answers:  The person wasn't really serious.  They gave up too soon.  They weren't clear on their goals.  They aren't committed.  The Universe is 'testing' them, etc.

Okay.  Fine.  But that didn't explain why I wasn't getting results.  Because...
I was serious.
I was doing the work.
I was committed.
I was focused.
And yet, I still wasn't getting the results I wanted.

Have you ever felt like that?  

Have you ever wondered why you can't seem to get the "money thing" figured out?  

Well, I have good news!  There's nothing wrong with you.  Just like there was nothing wrong with me.  

In fact, almost by accident, I stumbled on a very simple concept that allowed me to go from poverty to wealth in less than a year.  It was like discovering that the reason you haven't been able to succeed was because some of the puzzle pieces were left in the box.  But once you get them all on the table....success!

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