Everything You've Been Taught About Wealth & Prosperity Is...
A Bald-Faced Lie!
UP YOURS, Napoleon, Wallace and Norman Vincent!
TAKE A HIKE, Proctor, Assaraf and Chopra!

And just in case, I missed anyone....To all the rest of the "gurus":  BITE ME!

Enough is enough!  It's time to throw the crap out the window!

READ ON to discover how a "mindset mutiny" can create more wealth and prosperity in your life than you can imagine!

Dear Friend,

I'm about to do something SHOCKING.

Something people in our little "personal development" world would even call "heresy".
I don't care. I'm gonna do it anyway.
Right this instant… before your very eyes… today… NOW… 
I'm Going To Kill Some "Sacred Cows"!
See, if you didn't know, it works like this: 

You're supposed to "play nice".  You're supposed to nod along with the gurus.  Kiss their ring.  Spend money with them.  Then, when it's time to promote your own product, they might give you a blurb.  Or a recommendation. 

That's how you get into the Good Old Boys Club. 

But the moment you say anything that disagrees with their "gospel", you're out!  

I don't care.  If they don't like that I'm about to expose some hardcore truths about the so-called "personal development" industry, they can take their ball and go home.  I don't want to play their game anyway.

Because there are a LOT of...

Well-Known Success "Gurus" Who Treat You Like A Sucker Playing The Old '3-Shell Game'...
Worse, they're not just screwing with your money.  It's your hopes and dreams, too!

Heck, in some cases, they're playing with your health...and even your LIFE.

The game is rigged.  They win.  You lose.  Thanks for playing.

So....yeah, let's break some rules.

Let's blow on a house of cards.  If it falls over, it should have never stood this long anyway.

And in case you're wondering, I'm not giving a free pass to the "legends" either.

[+]  Napoleon Hill
[+]  Wallace Wattles
[+]  Norman Vincent Peale
[+]  Joseph Murphy
[+]  James Allen
[+]  Catherine Ponder
[+]  Robert Collier
[+]  Claude Bristol

I'm sure this letter will have them spinning in their graves.


Because I'm going to expose the truth about the so-called "how to be successful" industry and...
I'm Going To Tell You What Some "Gurus" Hope You Never Hear!
I'm going to rip the lid off a box and let you see something that you've probably always suspected was true...but wasn't confident enough to say aloud.

Also, since I'm breaking rules today, let's break another one.

I'll tell you right upfront that I'm offering a product.  It's affordable.  And it flat-out works.  

If you're "thinking" but not growing rich....if you've done all the "law of attraction" stuff and you're still struggling financially, it might be the best thing you've ever seen.

But, before we get there, I'm going to do something that the "gurus" will never do.

I'm going to tell you straight-up why you've been struggling to create wealth and prosperity even though you're "doing everything right".

And I'm also going to reveal....
MY Selfish Reason For Writing This Letter!
That's right.  

Since we're breaking all the rules, let's break some copywriting rules, too.

Instead of starting out with what YOU want....we're going to talk about what I WANT out of this.


We're not following any rules today.


What's my agenda?  What's my motive for writing this letter?

Simple.  I want to show you...
How To Become Wealthier Than You've Ever Imagined Possible...By Throwing The Rulebook Out The Window!
And I want to show you how to do it in less than ONE week.

Of course, I can't make you wealthy in a single week.  (Unless I buy you a winning lottery ticket.)

But what I CAN do is show you the EXACT shifts that I made in my own thinking that took me from "broke, struggling bookstore clerk"....to living a life of prosperity and abundance!

In fact, maybe this is a good time for me to introduce myself so you understand who I am and why I'm uniquely qualified to show you how to do this....
My Name Is Tony Rush...
I'm a serial entrepreneur, business consultant and teacher.

In fact, in the last 20+ years, my company has sold millions of dollars of products and services to thousands of people all over the world.  

I've written thousands of successful ads and over a dozen best-selling home study courses.  And, every month, I teach over 1,000 business owners and entrepreneurs how to grow their businesses through The Marketing Expedition Society mastermind group.

But this letter is NOT about selling you my business training.

Instead, I want to show you a genuine secret that I discovered that took me from "rags to riches" to "wealth and prosperity" almost overnight.
See, in spite of all this self-aggrandizing, I'm really not comfortable "tooting my own horn".

Truth is,  I come from really humble beginnings.

My Dad was a Baptist preacher.  My Mom worked at Eveready Battery.  

For most of my adult life, I struggled with money.  

The most I've ever earned working on a job was $8/hour.

Even by the time I was in my 30s, I still spent most days dodging bill collectors.  Or trying to figure out how to stretch a dollar to avoid having my phone or electricity disconnected.

In fact, at my lowest point, my family was living in a little 800-square-foot concrete-block house way out in the woods....

...and we couldn't afford heat in the bitter North Carolina winter.  I felt hopeless.  I felt like I had nowhere to turn.

In fact, I felt...
Completely powerless.  Unable to see a way out.  As a husband, I felt like a failure. 

Have you ever felt that way?

No matter what you do for a living -- whether you're a doctor, a schoolteacher, a mechanic or a clerk -- have you ever thought, "There must be a better way...."

Well, there is.  And I found it.

From not knowing what to do or where to turn next...

....struggling to raise a family...

...trying to pay the bills and put food on the table....

...to suddenly living...
A Lifestyle More Amazing Than Most People Can Dream Of!
What happened?

How can things turn around so quickly?

What changed?  And how can what I learned help you?

I used to believe that just about every part of my life needed fixing:  health, relationships, money, myself.  I knew that there was more to life than struggling all the time.  I just couldn't seem to find the Key.

The one thing that I had going for me was that I had a fervent belief that I was not a "victim".  I didn't believe in "luck".  

I knew that -- no matter how good or bad my life was -- it was the result of my own thinking and actions.

I didn't believe that life was happening "to" me; I knew that it was something I could change.
I Searched For Answers In The "Personal Development" Industry...
I bought every "self-help" or "how to be successful" book that I could get my hands on (usually with money that should have went toward my bills.)

I read Think and Grow Rich more times than I can count.
I read The Science of Getting Rich.
I read The Power of Positive Thinking.
I read The Magic of Believing.
I read The Dynamic Laws of Prosperity.

I attended workshops and conferences.  I bought audio courses, books and DVDs any time I had a few bucks to spare:

Jim Rohn.
Earl Nightingale.
Zig Ziglar.
Brian Tracy.
Tony Robbins.
Eckart Tolle.
Deepak Chopra

I meditated.  
I thought positively.
I wrote and recited affirmations.
I made a "vision board".
I tried to develop a "prosperity consciousness".
I focused on my "vibration".
I carried a goal card in my pocket.

If you don't know me, I'm tenacious.  Like a dog with a bone.  Once I really "latch on" to something, I don't let it go easily.

And the world of personal development (and my search for riches) had become my new "bone".
No One Gave Those "Road-Map-To-Riches" Teachings A More Sustained, Honest Effort Than Me!
Simply put:  if those success principles didn't work for me....they weren't going to work for anyone.

In fact, after a few years, I found myself in a really bad spot.

Because I had a set of beliefs about how to be successful that I fervently believed in.....but they weren't working for me.

I was still trying to make ends meet....
I still wasn't living a life of prosperity....
I was still never more than one serious car repair away from being in trouble....

...and yet, even though my "success beliefs" weren't producing the results I wanted....I couldn't let them go!

Have you heard the old saying about Baptists?  "Baptists aren't always right but they're never in doubt!"  

That was true of me!  

Even though I was a "devout" follower of success teachings....YEARS of studying and applying those principles hadn't made me any more financially successful than when I started.

The worst part was when someone asked me to teach a class about these principles!  

I jumped at the opportunity because I loved talking about it....

...but the truth was -- no matter how much I enjoyed talking about it -- there was a "law of attraction" class being taught by  a guy who still couldn't afford to pay his electric bill on time!

I'm ashamed to say, I taught that class.

I told all those people that if they just knew what they wanted...and believed that it was on the way to their lives....and that if they got rid of their "negative vibrations"....that what they wanted would manifest in their lives for them.

And when I finished speaking, I felt dirty.  I felt like a sham.

I felt like a complete and total HYPOCRITE!

And I said, then and there:
"I Will NEVER Feel This Way Again!"
Look, I know that "fake it til you make it" doesn't bother some people.

It bothered me.  I didn't have the stomach for it.

All I could think about was that the people in that audience trusted me.  And I failed them. 

Because all I did was regurgitate a bunch of stuff that I read in a book.  

So, I resolved to never again teach any "success principles" until I had proven them for myself and created a lifestyle that exceeded 99.9% of the people listening to me.

Needless to say, it won't come as a surprise to you when I say....
No One Heard Any More "Success Talk" From Me For A Long Time!
I stopped talking about it.
And the next time someone asked me to speak about it, I politely said 'no'.

Instead, I did something that no one would have ever predicted:

[+]  I packed up all my "personal development" books.  
[+]  I stopped buying self-help audios.  
[+]  I stopped attending any event that was purely about "success principles".  
[+]  I stopped carrying a "goal card" in my pocket.
[+]  I threw away my affirmations.
[+]  I got rid of the "vision board".

I wasn't "quitting".
I wasn't giving up on my desires.

Instead, I was just making a change in the QUALITY of information I was living my life by.

I stopped looking for mysticism and "universal laws" and metaphysical answers. 

I Started Asking Hard Questions Like...
  • Why does goal-setting NOT work for most people?  Contrary to what you've heard, there is no Harvard study that shows that people with goals succeed and people without goals fail.  In fact, MOST of the people who have achieved amazing results in life are doing it in a way that they never planned.  I wanted to know how that worked.
  •  Why do we do things that are NOT in our own best interest?  Why do we start a diet...and then, a few hours later, we deliberately and consciously CHOOSE to deviate from our decision?  Why do we say, "I need to save money" and suddenly we have an insatiable desire to go spend money?  Why do we want what we withhold from ourselves?  And is there a way to harness and redirect that power so we CAN get the results we want?
  •  If a lack of money is making us unhappy, why is it that making more money often doesn't bring us the happiness we think it will?   And, no, I wasn't asking in a vague, "money doesn't buy happiness" kind of way.  I meant it literally.  If you can't afford your car payment and you suddenly make enough money to solve that problem....why do you instantly shift your focus to some other financial worry?
  •  What's the REAL scoop with the "law of attraction"?  Why does something described as a "law" seem to be so unreliable and capricious?  Is it a law?   What does the science ACTUALLY say?  (Spoiler:  quantum mechanics is real.  But the "guru" explanation of how it works for achieving goals is NOT how it works.) 
  •  How much of our wants and desires is REALLY shaped by us...and how much of it is programmed by our environment?  We know it's a lot.  But, you can't fully see ANY problem when you're swimming in it.   How can I get "outside" my desires and get a perspective on what I truly want....and what I've been conditioned to want by where I live and who I spend my time with?
I Was RUTHLESS In My Search For The Truth!
I didn't want to be told that I should just "allow" more prosperity in my life.
Or that I just needed to "receive" it.
Or that the problem was my "vibration" or my "frequency" or my "mindset".

Screw all that.

If I wanted vague, sugar-coated platitudes, I could just pop The Secret into the DVD player.  Or watch Esther Hicks do her sideshow carnival act.

No, I wanted real answers.  So I asked real questions.

I also wanted to know things like:
  •  How much of our wants and desires is REALLY shaped by us...and how much of it is programmed by our environment? We know it's a lot. But, you can't fully see ANY problem when you're swimming in it. How can I get "outside" my desires and get a perspective on what I truly want....and what I've been conditioned to want by where I live and who I spend my time with?
  •  Why did I almost constantly live my life in a way that resulted in me having only $300 in my checking account?  Is the "money thermostat" idea real?  Or is there a different explanation for why we tend to get into a "financial rut"?
  •  Does a discovery in the 1800s (forgotten about and then rediscovered in the 1960s) hold the key to us making real, effective change in our lives?  It's talked about in EVERY behavioral psychology textbook since the 1960s and is discussed DAILY among psychologists.  But since it's the opposite of what most "gurus" teach, it's literally NEVER discussed in "personal development" circles
  •  What does psychology really say about "positive thinking"?  Does it deserve the sacred treatment we give it?  Does it open a path to the life we want?  Or does it keep us from seeing obstacles and pitfalls that we should have spotted much earlier?  
  •  What's the real agenda behind the big-brand "success" events?  Are people really creating lasting, permanent change from going to the big 2,000-person conferences?  Or is it just another form of entertainment?
  •  What creates real change?  Why can a person experience a tremendous breakthrough and lasting change in one area of their lives....but then struggle with a much smaller issue?  What's the missing ingredient that would make such breakthroughs more likely in ALL areas of life?
  •  What holds us back?  What's the real explanation for why we keep ourselves "stuck" in problems that we KNOW we're smart enough, talented enough and capable of getting out of.   Is it possible that we get something out of staying "stuck" that we aren't seeing?  That we're getting some type of emotional "payoff" for being in a problem?  That we keep ourselves in a problem for hidden reasons....even though we're capable of solving it in an INSTANT?
I asked these questions for years.  And I only accepted answers that would survive a healthy scrutiny.

Because The Truth Is Never Fragile!
If an idea is true, then it should survive a healthy skepticism.  You should be able to ask hard questions without it popping like a bubble.

That's why gurus don't like you asking questions about the things that don't make sense.

They don't want you looking too closely.  

You might accidentally breathe a little too hard on their house of cards...

So, that's what I did.  I kicked these ideas as hard as they could.

Then I watched to see which ones popped like a bubble....and which ones took a beating like a football and still held their shape.

Then, if the idea popped like a bubble, I did something that required as much courage as anything I've ever done....

....I discarded that idea from my life.

No matter how many people believed it....
No matter how popular it was...
No matter how it would make me look like a hypocrite for changing my mind...

If the idea couldn't hold water...I got rid of it.

And if an idea would hold up to rigorous questioning and skepticism....then I kept it.

And what I wound up with was a perspective about wealth creation and real change that was unlike anything I've ever been taught in the "personal development" industry.

And when I put them to work in my life...
Within 7 Months, I Was Earning Over $60,000 Per Month...In The SAME Business That I Had Been Struggling In!
Get that.  Really get that.

Same business.
Same compensation plan.
Same products/services.
Same marketing.
Same presentation.
Same training materials.

In fact, within another year, I was earning six-figures a month.

So, what changed?

Me.  I changed.

I changed my "financial operating system".

I traded in hocus-pocus, mysticism and sugar-coated platitudes....and I installed a new philosophy in my life that allowed me to start creating real, wealth and prosperity.

Needless to say, my whole life changed.

And it wasn't just the money.

I was happier.
My relationships improved.
I wasn't as irritated and frustrated over little things.

I just felt.....lighter.

It would be impossible for me to overstate how much this impacted my life.

And while it has made me extraordinarily happy, I've still been frustrated.  

You've Been Lied To...A LOT!
And it's time for you to discover the truth.

I'm tired of seeing good, honest, hard-working people getting suckered out of their money by blood-sucking gurus....

....losing their irreplaceable time attending rah-rah seminars that have NO shot of creating any real, lasting breakthrough....

...and following success advice that doesn't have a snowball's chance in hell of every working.

It’s painfully obvious to me that most of these "self-appointed gurus" are completely clueless about what it takes to create real, lasting change.

If they actually knew how to create wealth and prosperity in their own lives, they wouldn't be sitting around backstage whining about how much they hate the public-speaking circuit....and how badly they need a good day in "back of room" sales.

Is that the kind of person you want to rely on for your future success and prosperity?
Aren't You Tired Of Teachers Who Aren't DOERS?
I'm one of the few people who actually walks the walk.

See, unlike most of the "gurus" who have to keep you "needy" so you'll continue to buy their next product...and their next event....and their next overpriced coaching opportunity...

...I'm not in the "guru" business.

I'm a marketing consultant. 
I'm a business writer and trainer.
I own multiple businesses in multiple niches...and NONE of them are "self-help".

I'm not flying around from venue to venue, doing the "rubber-chicken" luncheon circuit.

Or jumping onstage to do a canned speech and then dashing off to the airport to go do it again for another crowd.  Over and over and over.

And, most importantly, my livelihood isn't dependent on keeping your problems in place so you'll buy my next self-help product.

In other words, as my grandpa used to say, "I have no dog in this fight".

I just hate to see good people like you used as a "food source" for greedy, unscrupulous self-help gurus who are playing "hide the ball" with the truth.

Instead, I just want to show you how to...
Let Go Of What's Been Holding You Back!
That way you can finally get off the "merry-go-round".

You can finally stop blaming yourself for "not doing it right".

You can sidestep all the mysticism that's keeping you stuck and take your income to the highest level possible!

Fortunately, as a business trainer, I've got years of experience in teaching concepts in an easy-to-understand way.

I know how to communicate in a way that helps people move forward.

So, I thought, "Why not just teach this same information like I teach my business training?"

So I decided to take the core concepts that allowed me to create wealth and prosperity in my own life...

...and put it in a single, easy-to-understand course that anyone can use to finally get clear of so much of the bad thinking that's out there.  

So that's what I did.
Making Friends With Money™
This is 30+hours of practical, real-world coaching that I recorded in front of a live audience that explains EXACTLY what I've described in this letter...

Nothing is held back.

I'm going to show you practical steps you can take to "flip the switch" on prosperity and how you think about money...

...so that you can start seeing significant, measurable changes in how you look at, think about and experience money in your life.

You're going to discover:
  •  What you can learn from a British magician-turned-psychologist that will allow you to see opportunities that are invisible to others.
  •  Why goal-setting doesn't work for most people...and what you should focus on instead.  (This was a huge "a-ha" moment for live attendees.)
  •  What you can learn from Harry Potter and Spider-Man that can almost instantly increase your likelihood of wealth
  •  The #1 obstacle keeping you from wealth....and it's not what you expect
  •  The winning formula for writing blockbuster movies...that's also responsible for a massive amount of financial struggle for the people sitting in the movie theater!  (When you learn this, you'll never watch a movie or read a book the same way again.)
  •  The 16 "pickpockets" who are keeping you from breaking through to the success and prosperity you deserve...and how to defeat them.
  •  ONE thing you can do while standing at an elevator that can make you "more likely to succeed" in whatever you do
  •  An honest conversation about where money ACTUALLY comes from....and how you can get more of it any time you choose.  (Hint:  it doesn't come from your boss, your company, your paycheck or your bank.)
And ALL Of This Is 100% Practical and Easy-To-Understand!
There's nothing cryptic or mystical here.

Everything I'm going to teach you in this course are practical, "nuts and bolts" concepts that you can put into use in your life immediately.

But we're still not done.   Not by a long shot.

Because I'm also going to give you...
  • The rarely-discussed, Victorian-era discovery that holds the key to creating lasting change in any area of your life!
  • A simple demonstration with pigeons that will instantly let you spot the "auto-pilot" thinking that keeps you stuck
  •  What is "The Midas Touch"?  What's the real difference between those who seem to succeed effortlessly...and those who seem to find failure and frustration no matter how hard they work?
  •  How to create "cash on demand".  This is the trick that I've used many times to come up with "financial windfalls" anytime I wanted to create a nice surge of cash flow in my bank account.  Highly practical for any profession or business!
  •  What Lin-Manuel Miranda (of Hamilton/Broadway fame) can teach you about finding and eliminating the obstacles to wealth and prosperity.  (You'll be amazed at how this one mental misunderstanding has kept you from reaching your potential....and how understanding it will almost instantly clear all your mental obstacles!)
  •  The THREE factors that determine how much money you can make in any endeavor.  When you understand these 3 ingredients, you will never again wonder how to improve your income...no matter what your profession or occupation!
No One Teaches This Stuff!
Know why?

Two reasons:  

A.  They don't KNOW it
B.  They're just regurgitating what they read from other self-help gurus.

You know I'm telling you the truth.  You've probably suspected it for some time.

All these "gurus" are just repeating the stuff they read in Think and Grow Rich!

They just add their own stories and pass it off as their own.  They haven't spent the time and the energy to actually go get real answers about life's problems!  

That's why Making Friends With Money™ is different.  Because it's not recycled self-help material.  

These are concepts and perspectives that I dug out the hard way:  by actually finding them for myself....using them in my own life....and seeing what worked and what didn't work.

Because of that, these are the principles and perspectives that will allow you to walk right by all the other people who are struggling to make ends meet...

....and start creating the wealth, prosperity and abundance that you deserve.
But I'm Still Not Done!
Because, if I'm right about you -- and I bet I am -- you also want to know these things pretty badly:
  • The "Back Room" Structure.  A rare look into the human mind that explains why human beings so often act AGAINST our own best-interests....and why it's often difficult to change our lives.  When you understand this, you'll look at your entire life completely differently.
  •  Why "programming your subconscious" is far, far harder than most self-help gurus teach....and the little-known method you can use to get the SAME results far easier...and in FAR less time!
  •  A startling demonstration that you can use -- right there, sitting in your own chair -- to PROVE to yourself that effective, powerful change can be created in an INSTANT.  (This was a huge shocker to my live attendees!)
  •  The 26,000-person psychological study you've never heard of....and the key it holds for helping you attain true happiness and abundance
  •  7 toxic personal development myths that are destroying your life!  These oft-quoted and often-taught principles are LIES.  But eager "personal development" students read them, gobble them up and live with them for years and years.  It's time to let go of these damaging ideas and be free from their effects.
  •  The hidden determinant of your behavior...how to identify it...and how to change it so you can create lasting change in a predictable way.
  •  Why "BE-DO-HAVE" is an incomplete formula.  (NOTE:  I taught the Be-Do-Have principle for years.  And I think it's got validity.  But, I no longer believe that it's the best description for how we create our own lives.  This was a hard lesson to learn for me because I held this belief so closely.)
  •  THREE changes you can make that will almost instantly pave the way for wealth and prosperity in your life...as quickly as the next 90 days!
  •  And much, much more!
"Okay, Tony, I Already Know I Want This....But, I'll Bet It Costs an Arm and A Leg, Doesn't It?

That would defeat the purpose of creating it.  It would place it out-of-reach for the people who need it the most.

So, no.  It's not expensive.  Certainly not for what you're getting and the amount of time and energy I've put into it.

Let me clarify something:  I don't make my living from this.   

This is a pet project for me. I don't "need" you to buy it. 

In fact, I'm probably the only person who emailed you today who doesn't "need" something from you.  

As I've already mentioned, I'm primarily a business trainer.  

I have private clients who've paid $20,000+ for my advice.
My last workshop event sold out at $3,500 per seat.

But don't worry:  you're not going to pay anywhere near that for Making Friends With Money™.  It's not even 10% of that.

So, while I don't "need" you to buy....there IS something that I would "like".

I would like to have your success story.

My aim is to get this into as many serious people's lives as possible so they can start seeing some real, positive changes.  

That way I'll have a generous selection of success stories from which to choose when I roll out the physical "home study version" to the general public.

When I release the physical "home study version" of this course (with DVDs, CDs, and printed workbooks) to the general public, the final price will almost certainly be in the $1,000 range.
But, because you're already a subscriber of mine, you can get the entire Making Friends With Money™ course for a single, one-time payment of just $197.
YES! I Want To Enroll In Making Friends With Money Right Now!
Here's What You'll Get!
  • Over 30 hours of video training for interactive learning, coaching and instruction. ($2,000 value)

  •  Lifetime access to the Making Friends With Money™ online training center. You can access your Course in just a few minutes from anywhere in the world, day or night. ($500 value)

  •  Access to the private training library. These supplemental resources include transcripts, audios, essays that build on the course material and show you real-world application of how to put these concepts to work in your life starting NOW. ($250 value)
AND, When You Place Your Order Today, You'll Also Get These Bonuses:
The Origin Point Workbook ($99 Value)
A map is useless if you don’t know where you are. And, on a journey to prosperity, you have to know where you’re starting from.

The Origin Point Workbook is designed to help you identify your existing “blindspots” about money, wealth, opportunity, legacy, virtue and other factors that impact how money flows (and doesn’t flow) in your life.
The Prosperity Game ($99 value)
The Prosperity Game is a 20-day exercise that I developed for my coaching clients to help them “see” prosperity and wealth in a way that they’ve never encountered.

I'll give you a hint:  right now you have an idea of how much money you wish you earned.

But where did that number come from?  Was it something you chose?  Or did your environment and peer group choose it for you?

This one exercise - which can be done anywhere in less than 5 minutes per day - will show you a perspective about prosperity that you’ve never encountered before!
The Prosperity Planner ($99 value)
The Prosperity Planner is the most practical exercise you’ve ever done with regard to creating (and achieving) your ideal lifestyle.

One student said, “This completely changed my perspective on what’s possible for me.  Now, my idea lifestyle is much closer than I thought.”

VIDEO:  The Myth Of Goal-Setting ($99 value)
Traditional personal development says that you cannot achieve success unless you have a clear, specific, measurable goal that you think about regularly and positively.

In this exclusive video training, I will give you clear evidence that not only is this not true...but that our addiction to “goal-setting” may actually be keeping us from getting the results we deserve!
You Are ONE Step Away From Having All This...
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Here's What You Will Experience!
  • You’ll discover the hidden factors that determine how much you’re earning...and how to start being “on purpose” in your financial life.

  •  You’ll discover the real difference between how wealthy people and average people think and feel about money
  •  You'll get actual, real-world practical steps to take that change your relationship with money at lightning-speed
  •  You get to work hand-in-hand with someone who's made the journey you want to make
  •  You'll discover how to "bookmark" the experiences you want and the things you want to have so that you can achieve them with predictability
  •  You'll finally get clear insight on why the "usual" success concepts get a tremendous amount of lip-service despite the fact that the methods are incomplete. (It will a great relief for you to discover that there's nothing wrong with you. That stuff just doesn't work as well as everyone claims!)
  •  You'll discover the invisible "culprits" that rob you from your true potential and how to keep them out of your life for good
  •  You'll discover hidden-in-plain-sight philosophy of an ancient Roman emperor that will prove to you why "positive thinking" isn't the core of success.
  •  You'll see the world differently after adjusting your "financial perception". When you get your first glimpse of how much wealth is available to you, you literally may have trouble sleeping that night!
  •  And much, much more!
YES! I Want To Enroll In Making Friends With Money Right Now!
Let's Talk About What This Is NOT...
If it's not clear to you by now, this is not about "reprogramming your mindset"...or "thinking positive"....or "manifesting your desires".

This is not about "attracting wealth into your life", "law of attraction" or "aligning yourself with the Universe".

If you can't already tell, I got rid of all the New Age, mystical, esoteric "voodoo" long ago.

Now, before you get offended by that statement, hold on a second!

If you love that stuff and if it’s working for you and putting millions of dollars in your coffers...I say “more power to you”. 

I would NEVER try to invalidate beliefs that are valuable to you or try to take them away from you.

(In fact, one of the first modules in this course is a candid, transparent conversation about the importance of thinking for yourself....not just accepting what someone else says...including me!)

But, I’m a practical, “roll-up-your-sleeves-and-let’s-make-it-happen-right-now" kind of guy.  

See, when I needed a radical change in my own financial life, I didn’t have time to wait around on muses, unseen forces, angels to show up and make it happen.  

I didn't have time to decipher the cryptic writings of maharishis, dubious authors and dead science-fiction authors-turned-religious-leaders.

I didn’t have time to Mickey Mouse around. You don’t either.

Instead, I wanted serious, practical, "where-the-rubber-meets-the-road" methods that would let me turn my life out of poverty and struggle.... and into a path of prosperity and wealth.

And, deep down, that's what you want, too.

So I'm going to help you do what has always worked for me 100% of the time.  I'm going to show you...
Be Your OWN Guru!
When you can get yourself into a “damn the torpedoes, full speed ahead” mindset...
When you let go of the idea that visualizing wealth is going to cause money to fall from the sky....that’s when the REAL magic happens. 

Not sitting around trying to locate your third-eye and waiting on inspiration to strike.

So, if you have any idea that this course is going to involve you "managing your vibration" or "adjusting your frequency" or whatever cockamamie language the self-help gurus have popularized lately...

This Course Is NOT For You!
Look, there are plenty of con artists who will gladly take your money and provide you with those “sweat lodge” experiences. (Experiences that just might kill you!) 

Not me.

And there are plenty of gurus who will invite you to spend $20,000 to come to a weekend event so they can talk to you about “allowing” and “manifesting” more money in your life.

Also not me. 

I’m all about directing you to use your more-than-capable brain to achieve the end results you desire. 

Not manipulating your emotions with B.S. “woo woo” crap that will only deceive, delude and delay you from real accomplishment.

So yes, this IS technically a "personal development" course.  But it's a rational personal development course.  

It's full of practical, real-world principles and plans that have always proven successful for me and thousands of other wealthy people.....long before Napoleon Hill ever wrote his first book and lied about meeting Andrew Carnegie.

In other words, if you're someone who's willing to face the truth and toss away any preconceived notions and conditioning that aren’t helping you achieve your goals...
...and you're ready to boldly confront the reality of how the world (and money) really works (no matter how uncomfortable that may be)... 

You can use this information to have more prosperity and abundance than you've ever thought possible.

Do this right now...

Think about what it costs to hold a single bad idea in your mind.   
Think about how much a SINGLE wrong idea can cost you.

Now think about how many bad ideas you may have been carrying around for years about money, wealth, abundance, rich people, work, effort, jobs, employment, business, the economy, your family, your friends, luxury...even God and religion.

How much money do you think you can earn if you just got rid of a handful of those bad ideas?

An extra $25,000 per year?



Maybe even...
$1 Million Per Year?
Obviously, I can’t promise you’ll see those kinds of gains in 12 months... 

But I know it's possible because I've seen it happen time and again.  I've proven it myself multiple times in my own life to the tune of millions of dollars.

Let’s say you take the information I'll share with you and it cleared the path for you earning an extra $10,000 this year.

And then you turn that money into other money-making assets and opportunities that multiply your wealth...

Can you see how investing in Making Friends With Money™ can be the catalyst for increasing your income and totally transforming your life forever?

Look, if this kind of talk makes you uncomfortable....

If just imagining yourself as an honest-to-God millionaire makes you start feeling nervous...

...that's the BEST evidence that you NEED this course.  

Because, if you don't clear out those bad ideas, you could easily spend the rest of your life trying to figure it out on your own.
So, Who DOES Qualify?
If you’re generally a "good" person....

If you sincerely want to discover a refreshingly honest perspective on wealth and prosperity that can result in you making a LOT of money much more easily...

If you're open-minded and anxious to learn...

And if you're a big boy or girl who understands that anything worthwhile takes some effort...

....then you're in!
YES! I Want To Enroll In Making Friends With Money Right Now!
Even if took you a full eight weeks to complete the course (which is how long the original "live" coaching was conducted)...

...we're only talking about $25 per week.  It's only $3.50 per day.

And to recap, you're getting:

[+]  The full 30+ hour curriculum
[+]  The private membership site
[+]  Lifetime access to the training library
[+]  BONUS:  The Origin Point Workbook
[+]  BONUS:  The Prosperity Game
[+]  BONUS:  The Prosperity Planner
[+]  BONUS VIDEO:  The Myth of Goal-Setting

And you get it all for a single, one-time payment of just $197.

It's  fraction of what others will pay when I release this material as a physical home study course with DVDs/CDs/workbooks.

Heck, you’ll spend more than that on your Starbucks breaks and eating fast food every day.

Doesn’t it make more sense to invest that in yourself to learn how to create the wealth and prosperity you deserve?

Plus, I want you to feel completely confident about your investment in Making Friends With Money™. 

So you're completely covered by my...
100% Risk-Free "Gentleman's Handshake" Guarantee
A long time ago, men and women made agreements and sealed them with a handshake.  A person's word was his bond and a handshake agreement was just as binding as anything a lawyer could write.

Call me old-fashioned, but I still believe in that.

So here's my "handshake agreement" with you:  if you promise me you'll actually go through the course...I promise to refund your money if it's not what I say it is.

1.  Go through the course.  Download everything.  
2.  Do the exercises I'll give you.  Watch all the videos.
3.  Really make an honest effort to apply what I'll show you.

And if you can honestly say that what you learn isn't worth every penny you paid for it, just contact our Support department anytime within 30 days and...
I'll Refund Every Penny You Invested!
No hoops to jump through.  No shenanigans.  And no hard feelings.

I think that's more than fair, don't you?

Truth is, I've been ripped off by a few "gurus" over the years...and it doesn't feel good.   It made me feel like a "sucker" playing a 3-shell game where the game was rigged and no one could win.

Frankly, I felt embarrassed and stupid.

And - never in a million years would I ever want you to feel that way.

I want you to be thrilled with Making Friends With Money™.  

I only ask that you actually make an honest, good-faith effort to go through the entire course and experience your breakthrough.  If you're willing to do that, I'll bend over backward to make sure you're happy.  

And, frankly, if you're not willing to do that before requesting a refund, please don't purchase this product.  There's a whole bunch of people who love to buy products, do nothing and then request a refund because they're "not happy" or "it wasn't for me".

I have no interest in perpetuating these people's cycles of failure.  They do this with every course they buy and they never follow through on anything.  

I'm not interested in that.  I'm interested in you following through and creating the kind of life you deserve!

And if you're making an honest, good-faith effort to experience the kind of breakthrough I've described....then I'll bend over backward to make sure you're absolutely delighted.

Click the button below and lock in your bonuses NOW!
YES! I Want To Enroll In Making Friends With Money Right Now!
You Have NO Reason Not To Try This!
Wouldn't it be nice to not have to live with these problems?

"It all sounds good...but I just don't know if I can do this..."
This attitude is why most people never reach their dreams. The way to leave a rut is to leave it.  Take the first step by ordering Making Friends With Money™ and I'll show you the next step after that...

"I don't know. $197 seems like a lot of money..."
No, it doesn't. That's just your fear talking.

How much have you spent on seminars, conferences, travel, books and courses that didn't change your life at all? How many years have you been trying to "figure out the money thing"?  How much more money will you waste on resources that don't have a snowball's chance in hell of changing your life?

In fact, I'll make a prediction based on experience:  once we open this offer to the general public as a fully-formed, in-the-box product, I'll have people clamoring for the opportunity to grab this for $997.  

You're far, far better off to get started today with Making Friends With Money for one payment of $197.

"Now just isn't a good time for me to do this...."
Do you realize how stupid and destructive that thought is? I know because that's EXACTLY the kind of thinking that kept me broke and struggling for years!  

Did you know that people kept eating and dancing on the Titanic as it sank beneath the waves? Those people all said the same thing: "Now isn't the time..."

Wake up! Life is not a dress rehearsal! It's happening right NOW. What are you waiting for?

"I'm not sure I like your tone. Aren't you being a little rude?"
No, I'm not. 

But, I AM being straight with you.  The only reason it sounds "rude" is because you're used to everyone else in your life sugar-coating things for you and giving you lots of room to make bad decisions that keep you stuck.

Look,  you've already got plenty of people in your life who will sit and watch you squander your life by "playing small" and "playing it safe".  

They'll let you continue "careening from wall to wall" through life and waste your potential......and they'll never...say....a....word.

In their desire to "not put pressure on you", they'll let  you mis-live your life.  And that's the worst thing anyone can do with the limited time we have on this Earth.

Check your feelings. You know I'm telling you the truth. You've never read a letter like this and you've never met anyone quite like me.

So, no, I'm not rude.

But I am relentless.  I am relentless in that I see no need for people to go through their entire lives struggling with something as simple as money.

So, let me assure you: I'll never say something to you just to be hurtful.  

But I'd rather tell you what you NEED to hear -- and have you become wildly prosperous -- than to just be another person in your life who's not willing to confront you on what's keeping you stuck.

So....no. I'm not rude. I'm taking a stand for you.  

How many other people do you have in your life right now who's willing to do that for you?
Right Now You Have TWO Options...
You can keep chasing unicorns and buying into so many of the false teachings that run rampant today....you can hope that all the affirmations and "law of attraction" is going to suddenly start working even though it's left you dissatisfied in the past...

...or you can take a mature approach and realize that - if those things were ever going to work - they would have already.

So, here's my best advice for you:  get enrolled in Making Friends With Money™.

Go through the sessions and prove to yourself that you really can create a massive shift in prosperity. Let me show you how to create the life you want by "making friends with money".

The life you want also wants you. This is your chance.

Enroll now.

You're a giant drowning in 3 inches of water. Stand up.

I look forward to your success story!

To your IMMEDIATE success!
Tony Rush
YES! I Want To Enroll In Making Friends With Money Right Now!
P.S. Let me teach you something that we'll discuss in more detail in the Course. Here it is:

Whatever fear is keeping you from saying 'yes'....is what's running your life right now.

I ran around frantically for years trying to find the "right thing". 

 But what I discovered is that I wasn't running toward something....I was running from the "culprits" I mentioned earlier.  

The only barrier between you and the life you want is clearing away the cobwebs of doubt, fear, worry and conditioning.  In my experience, that is not easily done with the solutions that you see offered from today's "personal development" coaches.  It's time for a different perspective.

P.P.S. Most people do not read this far.  

The fact that you're still reading is the best evidence that this information may not have reached you today by accident....

With this extremely low price (and iron-clad guarantee), I've done all I can do to make this once-in-a-lifetime experience something that you can comfortably and safely participate in. 

Please don't miss this opportunity to get Making Friends With Money™ at the lowest price it will ever be made available. 

 When we close the doors next week, it may be 6-12 months before we re-open it for the general public and at a much higher price.

Enroll today and I'll look forward to seeing you in class!

P.P.S. Remember, you have a 100% money-back guarantee.

There's no risk for you at all.  

Let's do this!
YES! I Want To Enroll In Making Friends With Money Right Now!
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